SENSE-sational FUN-damentals Enrichment CLASS OFFERINGS


Who is it for?

Children 3 to 6 years old and their caregiver (caregivers are highly encouraged to take part in sessions but it is not mandatory). There are countless skills required for a child to function to their optimal potential. As long as the child’s skills are built upon a strong foundation, future skills will often come with fewer struggles.


What is a typical class like?


Classes through SENSE-sational FUN-damentals will engage child and caregiver (if they choose to remain for the class duration) in 45 minutes of fun, therapeutic, play-based activities. Classes will take place once a week and address the FUNdamental skills for facilitating a child’s best self both inside and outside a school setting.


The SENSE-sational FUN-damentals Difference


Over a decade of experience and knowledge of development and activity analysis has led to the creation of a program specifically geared to develop the skills of children age 3 to 6 years old. Not only will children be engaged with their caregiver (if the caregiver chooses to remain and engage for class duration) in a fun, hands-on activity but caregivers will simultaneously be provided with enhanced awareness of age-appropriate development; how certain toys, types of simple equipment and different games can enhance developmental skills; how the areas addressed translate into daily life, observation tips for early detection of possible difficulty areas and strategies for effectively facilitating the skills at home.



Ready for SENSE-sational FUN-damentals?


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SENSE-sational FUN-damentals Enrichment CLASS OFFERINGS


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